Aqua Kef is proud to present - a new attraction is born!


The perfect combination of fun and events by day and by night

·         Safe

·         Green (Karts are electric)

·         Fun guaranteed

·         Attraction for adults only – 16 years old and up

·         Good in any season (you hardly get wet)

·         Can operate day and night

·         Great for events and private parties

·         Upgradable from year to year with different size tracks 

For operators worldwide:

·         Additional income guaranteed (Family Entertainment Center with Food & Beverages)

·         Fantastic returns on investment

·         Can be added to existing Water parks or Wake Parks

·         Can operate with a large capacity

·         The attraction that everyone will talk about

A great opportunity to offer a thrilling new attraction. Be the first to bring the AquaRace to your country and become an exclusive distributor.
For more information,
Please contact us at [email protected] 


How does it work?

Get ready to experience a powerful, wet and marine experience, sporty and full of fun and adrenaline.

We look forward to seeing you at Aqua Kef in the Sea of Galilee! To respond to your inquiries quickly - we prefer to use the Whatsapp app. You can leave details on the form, and we will get back to you soon.