Safety - above all

Safety guidelines for Aqua Kef, Aqua Park Water Park at Ganim beach on the Sea of Galilee.

Good recreation is a safe recreation.
The following rules must be observed to ensure safe and enjoyable use of the park’s facilities.
The operator is not responsible for any accident that occurred due to improper use of the Aqua Kef facility or failure to comply with the above instructions

To ensure your safety in the Water Sports Park Aqua Kef, please respect the following rules:

1. Entrance to the Sports Parks is permitted only during the official activity hours. Do not enter the water park in darkness/night.

2. Only use the Sports Parks in the presence of a lifeguard.

3. Movement between the Family/Challenging/Olympic parks will commence only through the bridge and never through swimming

4. It is forbidden to jump from the Aqua Kef trampolines, high tower or any other high facilities onto other objects!

5. In the family park, the children’s park and the challenging park, it is not permitted to participate in activities in the compound with shoes (except for special shoes for water activities).

6. In the Olympic Park, it is recommended to enter with special shoes for water activities.

7. Follow the instructions of the lifeguards and the staff of the compound.

8. It is absolutely forbidden to bring glassware, weapons of any kind, including knives and gas tanks, into the compound.

9. Use the water park facilities responsibly to ensure that you do not get injured or injure others.

10. It is forbidden to bring in toys such as: sea wheel, sea mattresses, and any kind of balls, snorkels and water pistols.

11. You are entering a compound where the areas are wet and slippery, so be extra careful not to slip and fall.

12. In the vicinity of the compound, there are rocks and stones, be careful to use the designated bridge to reach the activity area and use it to exit to avoid injuries.

13. It is forbidden to bring animals into the compound

14. The use of the compound facilities is permitted during the defined hours of operation, as will be published at the entrance to the compound. Management may change the operating times of the facility at its sole discretion, among others, and in accordance with the weather conditions.

15. The management does its best to operate all the facilities, but there may be malfunctions in the facilities and it is possible that the activity in the facilities will be discontinued for the purpose of repairs. Visitors to the compound will have no claims, demands for compensation or demands for reduction in fees and charges.

16. The activity in the compound is dynamic, sporty, and requires an appropriate medical examination before the activity and the adherence to the rules, in order to prevent injuries and health concerns.

17. The management does not conduct medical surveillance, which is the sole responsibility of the visitors. If there is a change in health, it is the responsibility of the user and his full and exclusive responsibility to seek medical advice to consider if the continuation of the activity is suitable for a change in the situation.

18. In the event of injury or physical injury, access to primary care and documentation of the case must be obtained. The management of the compound will not accept any complaint or complaint of personal injury or injury that has not been recorded in the treatment log in the compound.

19. The users of the compound’s facilities or the activities organized by it, do so solely with their own responsibility and the management of the compound is not responsible for any accident, damage, injury, loss, theft or harm caused to the individual or property in the area of ​​the site (including stones and rocks).

20. The user must strictly follow the instructions and the safety rules. 

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