A Water Park You Will Never Forget

Water complexes for the whole family - ages 3 and up!

Each area is different from the other in terms of difficulty and offers a variety of exciting facilities, obstacle courses, trampolines, jumps, domes, ladders, bridges and more. Each round lasts 45 minutes and starts every half hour. It is recommended to book 2 rounds to take advantage of the entire park. 

Aqua Kef Complex

This is the Aqua Fun complex map. The complex is built in a way that allows for optimal recreation and rest for the entire family, or for any group that arrives at the compound.


The Children’s Park

Suitable for little children only, ages 3 – 6 years old accompanied by a parent (free for parent).
The children’s park offers a floating water park, hops and trampolines, slides, bridges and stairs for the little ones.


The Family Park

It is suitable for all the whole family, ages 6 and up.
Between the ages of 6 to 10 years old, need to be accompanied by an (paying) adult.
The family park offers a wide range of exciting facilities: trampolines, jumping facilities, obstacle bridge, climbing wall, challenging ladders and more.


The Challenging Park

The first floating water park in Israel since 2016 from the original WIBIT Company. It is suitable for ages 6 and up, for children and adults. All children ages 6 to 10 years old, must be accompanied by an adult (for a fee).
The park offers a wide range of water facilities: trampolines, domes, hops, obstacle bridge, climbing wall, swings, monkey bars, ladders and other exciting facilities that will keep you wet.

The Olympic Park

New at Aqua Kef – an Olympic park designed primarily for groups.

8 sports fields with a variety of group games.

Volleyball, water ball, handball, ball games, dodge ball, and more… and everything is in the water!


A pampering and relaxing area

There are private pampering corners and areas on the beach and on the lawn, spa services and a magnificent deck overlooking the Sea of Galilee.


Bar on the beach

Would you like to rest and eat something between one activity and another?

Welcome to our dining area, where you will find a rich variety of dishes and drinks.


The Hidden Pearl

Aqua Kef is located on the urban beach of Ganim Beach in Tiberias. The beach is divided into two parts: In the north: a free beach for bathing. In the south: Aqua Kef's activity beach.

1. A well-ordered beach, with guard, security and rescue services.

2. The beach is open every day from 9 am – 5 pm

3. The bathing season opens at Passover; the entrance to the beach is free of charge.

4. There is ample parking by the beach, near Park Barco

5. Tents can be set up in the campground.

6. On the beach – there are showers, toilets, chairs, umbrellas.

7. It is permitted to Bar-B-Q on the compound.

8. In the southern section of the beach, in the area of the Aqua Kef complex, bathing is prohibited

Separate hours

At Aqua Kef there are separate hours of bathing in order to accommodate the general public who come to visit us.
The separate bathing is usually from 6.00 am to 9.00 am and from 16.00 to 19.00.

We look forward to seeing you at Aqua Kef in the Sea of Galilee! To respond to your inquiries quickly - we prefer to use the Whatsapp app. You can leave details on the form, and we will get back to you soon.