Seperate Swimming

AquaKef Ltd is proud to facilitate all of their guests wishing to visit our amazing Park. Therefore, guests not willing to swim in a mix environment can come at the separate hours offered.

According to the demand, the Park extends its hours of operations at the beginning and at the end of the day to allow hours of fun just for men or just for women (and sometimes even having men on one side and women on the other).

The activities offered at separate hours are:

The Floating Water Park - AquaKef

הפארק האתגרי

Go-Karting on the water - AquaRace



MAY 2019

AQUAKEF usually operates 3 kind of separate swimming for the religious community .

Women only

13.5 16.00-18.00

16.5 16.00-18.00

19.5 16.00-18.00

22.5 16.00-18.00

27.5 16.00-18.00

28.5 16.00-18.00

29.5 16.00-18.00

  Men only

14.5 16.00-17.00

21.5 16.00-17.00

23.5 16.00-18.00

26.5 16.00-18.00

30.5 16.00-18.00

On Fridays AquaKef is usually open without separated swimming. 


Family Hours

The Extreme Park will be for men while the Family Park will be for women. The Parks are 50 meters away from one another and are separated by another park. There will be a separation for each of the parks and a Mechitza on the beach. Swimming will be authorized Betzniut only.


No family hours in May 

We look forward to seeing you at Aqua Kef in the Sea of Galilee! To respond to your inquiries quickly - we prefer to use the Whatsapp app. You can leave details on the form, and we will get back to you soon.

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